Volkswagen Polo

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The VW is proud of the technology on offer, and nothing less was spared on its newest classic. Polo 2018 is a quiet, roomy and comfortable car, with a fresh new styling when compared to its predecessors. Whether it be that you are traveling with a few or many, the Volkswagen Polo will certainly be able to put up with the task.



*Please note that prices are indicative and are subject to change based on demand

  • ABS
  • Air Bags
  • Air Condition
  • Airbags
  1. Niek van der Heuven

    From MouikisVillage reception I have rented a Polo. Very good, next year I will choose again. Satisfied customer

  2. Konstantinos Panis

    Great service, bring cars to the hotel. Top well-kept new Autos.vollkassko is possible on request. Absolutely recommended. Very professional and yet uncomplicated. We recommend. Thank you.

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